Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Extend Social Opportunities During Summer Break!

Summer is nearly here, and school will soon be out of session!! This year, you have worked so hard to establish and help maintain friendships amongst your students. You have presumably created a classroom community, and a warm and caring environment. It's always difficult at the end of the year when we sit back and wonder what will happen to all of our hard work while the students are on vacation! Here's one small way you can try to extend all that hard work you have invested in your students' social learning.

I use this every year in my classroom when we have graduation and/or a family picnic/activity day. I simply place these forms on the tables (pre-cut in thirds) to allow families to informally exchange information in hopes of setting up some play dates over the summer. 

Not only will your students continue to practice their social skills, they will maintain close friendships with a few students! As parents and families begin to get to know each other better it creates a networking and collaborative effort that can benefit the school as well. Perhaps when two moms meet up one will encourage the other to volunteer at the school in some capacity, maybe some Dad's will team up and coach summer T-ball together----who knows! The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes it is hard to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. However, when I show my students what these forms are for....they eagerly introduce their parents to their friends (whom the families have undoubtedly been hearing about all school year!)---and swap contact information in a relaxed setting driven by their wildly excited children! 

It's one small gesture that we can provide for our students and families---and then easily sit back and enjoy a good book while catching some sun in your backyard...all while knowing your work never ends, and it is oh so sweet! 

To get your copy....please click the photo above! 

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