Friday, May 11, 2012

Chalkboard Vinyl

If you have not yet discovered chalkboard vinyl and all that is great and good about it....let me tell you, you are totally missing out on a really amazing product!! I featured chalkboard vinyl in a previous post about creating prop boxes. It is one (of many) ways to label things. It is by far my new favorite labeling system!

Awhile ago, my friend & colleague Julie, from Make, Take, Teach featured my new love in one of her blog posts. You can see the post HERE.

Photo Credit:Make, Take, Teach Blog & Julie Van Alst

I use self-adhesive chalkboard vinyl in both my home and classroom in a variety of ways. It is removable and re-positionable, and can sustain washing by hand! Incredible right?! 

Here are all the ways that I use it in my home/classroom:
* On the refrigerator (or door, cabinet, etc.) to write reminder notes
* On student mailboxes/cubbies to label with their names
  (have a student move out and a new one move in? Simply erase with a damp cloth and re-write!)
* Label boxes, bins, storage containers
* Label containers in my kitchen pantry
* Use as a calendar

So----I just got a new 50 YARD (HOLY COW!) roll in the mail today! I went in with 3 other teachers and bought the mother load! We each get 12.5 yards, and I am SO SO very excited! 

Another talented friend and colleague of mine is also dearly in love with chalkboard vinyl! She has an entire Etsy shop devoted to LOTS of ways to use chalkboard vinyl. She has many cute labels in different shapes and designs, and shows you how to use them in a variety of ways. There's no need to order a roll of vinyl and do all the cutting yourself---when you can buy everything pre-cut from Lake Effect Treasury. She takes custom orders, and I am sure she'd be happy to hear your needs for your classroom.

If you were lucky enough to attend the MiAEYC conference this year in Grand Rapids, Co-presenter and I were giving away sample packs of these labels from Lake Effect Treasury. Those who attended the conference LOVED the samples, and a few ladies commented on ordering classroom sets for the fall. Imagine how much trouble you can save yourself by not purchasing name tags, labels, and writing, laminating, cutting out, and adhering student names everywhere! This is a really great time saver and should give you something fun to do over the summer as you prepare for your new batch of students!

There are a bazillion cute and crafty ways to use this product on Pinterest. I am sure that you, too, will find it all very "Pinteresting"!!! If you already have, or decide to go get some chalk vinyl, don't forget to grab yourself some Chalk Ink markers (liquid chalk pens)----AND let me know how you used to product in your classroom!!! 

Happy crafting and labeling! 

Chalkboard vinyl can easily be cut using scissors or a Cricut (or other die cutting machine)---I bet your mind is reeling with possibilities and designs by now! 


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