Saturday, September 29, 2012's nearly October!

I have been a busy, busy, BUSY little teacher in my new grade level, and I have totally neglected my blog(s)! I can't help it---being a wife, and mom come first and foremost. Then, being a teacher, and finally, sharing anything on my blog comes in any "free" time I can spare. You totally get that, right?! Right!

I am having so much fun in first....I've caught what seems to be the proverbial "First Grade Fever!" Best illness by far! ;) 

However, it's been a bit of a jump.....just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game, I go and jump ship on PreK-K grade levels and throw myself into a new grade----without many activities and stations made for first graders. Thank the high heavens for TpT and TN....I've been buying goodies left and right that have been huge time savers. In the mix, I've been trying to make a few fun stations of my own. I've got a long way to go, but I feel like September was a complete I'm trying to make sure that October feels less insane! 

Now that we have routine, order, initial assessments and running records complete, and math and literacy stations (Daily 6 of my own interpretation---yes, I said 6)....I feel like I can dig in and give them some goodies to work with. 

Here's a bit of what we've been doing....

 We've been working on before/between/, of course, one of our stations was practicing ordering numbers. Students draw an owl card (you can break this activity up into 3 levels/tiers)....write the number that is on the owl on the laminated/dry ease recording sheet, and then write the other numbers that either fall before, after, or between. The kids LOVED the Free Pick card. Little math minds thought it was hilarious to pick numbers like 5, 018! If they can do it, why not?!

We also played (I say played, because they essentially think it's a game!)...Write Around the Room to 120. This activity also has 3 levels. Some students search for the green cards, some pink, and some yellow. A scavenger hunt that was 25 minutes of FUN...and also ordering numbers as the Common Core tells me to do! ;)

Click any of the activity images to get a copy of your own! 

We've also been working with GIANT fall 10-frames. The kids thought the giant frames were so funny. Nearly everything is funny when you are 7---I'm catching on to that, real quick! 
Here, this little math mind is working to draw a ten frame to match the one she drew out of the pile, write the corresponding number, tally it, and write an addition sentence for it! 
Lots of skills in one little, I mean GIANT, 10 frame! 

Coming up, we'll enjoy some base 10 matching & building our own Freaky Frames! Have you seen the huge pack of 50 erasers (i.e.: math counters) at Big Lots? $3.00 and they will go great with my Freaky Frames game! 

Freaky Frames + a sunny Autumn afternoon - a FREEBIE for you!  Click the photo! 

I hope your stations are up and running and you are finding some routine and productivity in your classroom! I hope October is less blurry than September!!! Have a great weekend, everyone!