Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Organizing Saturday! ---Printable Games

It's Super Organizing Saturday----and I mentioned on my FB page that there would soon be a tip for how to store all these cute little printable games that are flying around Teacher's Notebook (TN) and Teacher's Pay Teachers (TpT).

So, here's one *TIP* for storing your printable games-----but first. Guess where it came from?!

Yep----one of my favorite teacher supply places----the Dollar Tree! 
So you know it only cost $1!
What could it be that costs a dollar and can store my games in a really great way? 

A shoe box? Nope---too bulky.

A basket? Nope---they don't have lids.

A zipper pencil pouch? YES! 

I love using these zipper pouches to organize my printable games. They are just the right size for most things that I make or buy on TN and TpT. The clear pouch allows you to cut to size the cover page of the printable game so you know what is stored in the pouch. Don't let those cute cover pages go to waste! 

Then, put all of your game pieces inside---voila! Sleek and neat storage that does not take up much space. Perfect! 

In the bottom 2 pouches, you can see that there are not cover pages. The tiny cards on the left are labeled upper/lower case matching games for St. Patricks' Day.

The one on the right are story pieces for retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I need to make a cover page for this! 

Also---because most of my games/activities are theme related, AND I store most everything in themed binders....these can go right the corresponding binder---like this! 

Want to know what ELSE you can use these zipper pockets for? Storing vocabulary cards! I am always changing out the vocabulary cards in all of my pocket charts throughout the room - at the ABC Center, the Writing Center, the Library Center, etc. Storing my story or themed related vocab cards in individual zipper pouches allows me to easily grab and go. No digging in a box or envelope, or rubber banding cards together. 

Again, throw it in the themed binder - and everything is on one neat and tidy space! 

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  1. Great idea! Thank you for sharing. I have been trying to figure out what to do with all my games and have not come up with anything good.