Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's tax season---did you file YOUR taxes on time?

Well, the deadline was midnight last night. You know what I'm talking about. Did you get your taxes done on time? Some people enjoy budgeting, and crunching numbers---and maybe you did your taxes as soon as you had your W2's and all your other info. Others, enjoy the thrill of procrastination and an opportunity to play chicken with the post office clerk to see if s/he will close the window before you hand over your envelope.

 If you love numbers and finances of that caliber THAT much you are:
  A. Not in the right profession
  B. Not reading this blog anyway!

Me? Well, I did (wait, no, my HUSBAND did) get our taxes in quite some time ago. And me? No, I don't love numbers and finances so much---unless it requires me to go shopping with that big tax return! Yeah, right....probably not gonna happen!

I'll just stick with the cute little numbers that I get to use with my Pre-K friends. And maybe you can benefit from it, too! Read on....and grab some FREEBIES!

Last week, one of my Pinterest inspired math board was featured on TWO blogs: Make Take Teach, as well as on Live2Learn! If you haven't checked these two great bloggers out, please do---after you are done here!

Thank you, Pinterest! I found a version of this board online....
And thought that I could make one for my classroom. I wish I would have found it (and time to make it) earlier this year! Although not all the categories will be used for preschoolers, I put them on there to be sure that I had my differentiating bases covered! I have students who are able to add small sets of numbers using manipulatives, and I bet they could try to write it out with my help. Other students will benefit from all the counting, visuals, and hands on work with moving the counters (magnets). And this is the second year I've had a couple of preschoolers that can read above a Kindergarten level. It's amazing!! They will benefit from seeing the number words spelled out under the numeral.
Isn't it so Pinteresting?!

Here's a closer view. ..

Want to make one of your own? Here's the materials I used:

Oil Drip Pan (Walmart $20)---magnetic and fabulous for EVERYTHING!
(I also have one in my Math Center and ABC Center)

Scrapbook Paper

Glass Stones with magnets on the back

2 Ten Frames

Chalkboard Vinyl

Super 77 adhesive

Art paper on a roll (butcher paper)

The K teachers in my building made their own as well---and they all look so different! There are many ways to do this and make it work for you and your students. Drop me a line if you make one and post it on your blog! I'd love to see it!!

So---there's my Math board. And if working with bigger numbers is just too taxing on your brain (like it is for mine)-----pop on over to my Teacher's Notebook shop and grab a couple of FREE DOWNLOADS that are a lot less stressful on the brain than your personal finances! Click the link ^ or the photos of the games below! 

Enjoy your day! I hope it was a very un-taxing Tuesday! :) 

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