Saturday, April 28, 2012

SOS! SOS! Super Organizing Saturday - Assessments

It's Super Organizing Saturday once again! I have come to love these mornings this Spring...not too hot outside, a little chilly....not missing much if I stay inside and organize something! This's my assessment binder for basic concepts. That's right....we're talking about assessments on a weekend. I know, I know, I know....that's a heavy topic for such a fun day of the week. If you agree, you might need a large cup of coffee. I'll wait----you grab yours, and I'll grab mine!

Ok, I'm ready! Here we go! 

When I organize my assessments, I of course do not use manilla folders, hanging file folders, etc. If you've read my posts before, you've probably heard of my File Cabinet Rebellion of 2011, in which I ditched any and all file cabinets or file cabinet "accessories". I loathe file cabinets----and I LOVE binders! 

So, you see where I'm going with this.....and you can infer that I organize my assessments in a binder! 

Here is the beloved binder that holds all of my assessments. I was lucky to have my district supply me with everything that I needed. This binder contains:

My curriculum/State objectives....

Letter Identification assessments...

Letter/sound identification score sheets

Beginning sound assessment & score sheets

And much more! However, there are always those basic assessments that are not supplied by the district or curriculum - but are so necessary to early childhood. It is usually up to the grade level teachers, or individual teacher to create their own assessment and find a way to record the information every marking period or during progress monitoring. 

For me, I certainly needed to update my assessments/record keeping. I've taken the time to create these assessments based on my classroom needs---and perhaps they can work for you as well! All you need is a large 3-ring binder, page protectors, and a color printer. If these assessments work for you, feel free go grab them no cost to you! 


  1. Back at you, Ms. Holmes!!! Can't wait for your summer project!!

  2. Great freebies! I joined your giveaway on TN, but in lieu of bringing one friend, I hope to bring a few! I did a blog post with a link to this post. Hope that counts!

  3. I am super excited that I found you (through Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures). I teach preschool and it looks like you have some wonderful resources I can use. Thanks for sharing and stop by to visit me when you can!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  4. How can we print these out? They only show as a photo and are not the size of a sheet, they are smaller.. Thank you so much

  5. oops red is not on your assessment log