Monday, April 30, 2012

Lemonade Stand!!

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We are having lemonade stand for our ENTIRE SCHOOL on Wednesday! I am so excited---and so are our students! You could have a lemonade stand in your classroom/school for a variety of reasons, most obviously - a fundraiser.

We are having a lemonade stand as a service project for other students and teachers in our school. We have been working SO HARD this year as preschool students to share, be kind, develop friendships, interact with our peers, communicate effectively, and build a sense of community. As the newest members of our school, our students will be in our building for up to 5 more years---our preschoolers are getting a head start on all that they have to offer Lincoln Elementary!

This project also serves a variety of other objectives and goals:
1. To make a plan and put it into action. One student told me as we were brainstorming, "Mrs. Powell, we need a blueprint for how to run a lemonade stand!"...that pretty much sums up my lesson in which I gathered their background information, and brainstormed how to make this happen!

2. Literacy: practice writing for a purpose, emergent writing---student centered---we own our work!
 3. Fine motor!!
(4. We will also be using gross motor/coordination skills when we pour the cups of lemonade
 for our customers!)
We also made flyers and distributed them to each classroom! My 4-5 year olds did an AWESOME job talking to the other teachers and even some students announced our event to entire classes over the classroom speaker system. One kind 4th grade class even cheered for my little friends!! My students were so proud!

So----whether it's for a fundraiser, a service project, or a fun way to work on fine motor, gross motor, and communication skills---you may want to consider having a lemonade stand inside your school, too!

We've done some of the leg work for you---just click on the links below for your FREE printables!!!


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