Monday, April 23, 2012

Rhyming Rainbows

We've been working on rhyming a lot since Christmas break. We are finally ready to put our rhyming skills in action with this cute little Rhyming Rainbow cross-curriular project. Literacy+art = AWESOME! 

We broke this project up into 3 short sessions. Since I only have my little ones for 3 hours at a time M-Th, it sometimes works better to break it up into smaller chunks! 

Not only is this project cute, but it has an official objective as well----of course! 

I use Creative Curriculum GOLD. This activity meets objective 15a: demonstrates phonological awareness; notices and discriminates rhyme. We do not include CC Gold art objectives in our district.

(Common Core Kdg: K.RFS.2)

This is a great little spring activity! Get your rhyming pictures and raindrop downloads 

Here's how to make your own Rhyming Rainbow! 

1. Cut paper plate in 1/2 & paint rainbow colors! Of course, we tied in a mini-lesson about the colors of the rainbow and Roy G. Biv :) 

2. Cut out 3 rain drops 

3. Hole punch a hole in the top of the raindrop and 3 hole punches on the bottom of the plate. For extra fine motor practice and muscle building, have your students try operating the hole punch. They love this!

4. Tie a piece of yarn between each rainbow punch and raindrop. 

5. Give students a selection of rhyming pictures. For my students who are still working to master whether a pair of words rhyme, I decreased the amount of choices available. Students will glue a rhyming pair on each raindrop (front and back). 

Get your rhyming pictures and raindrop templates HERE


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