Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flower Power!

Here's a really versatile game that you can use this spring (or anytime, really) for working with letters/numbers for your Pre-K and Kindergarten friends! I saw this game somewhere---perhaps a teacher resource book, another teacher in our district, or from a website or blog. I really cannot remember where it came from....but I remembered the activity and wanted one of my own! If you can tell me where this activity/idea originated, I'd love to give that person/company credit.

Visit Home Depot and purchase 26 mini-terra cotta pots (approx. 3"), for just under $1.00 each!

Fill the pot with rice or dry beans (such as kidney beans or the like). 

Place a velcro dot on the front of the pot and PRINT all pages for a variety of ways to play the game! Want a less expensive way to play the game? Terra cotta pot work mats are provided for you! You can just print them instead of buying them.  

Here are all the ways to play!! 

Got some velcro dots? hot glue? popcicle/craft sticks? card stock for printing? laminator heated up? Now grab your car keys and head to Home Depot! You will be well on your way to making this fun game. 

Here's a Flower Power Addition and Subtraction FREEBIE!! 

Oh the power of flowers!! ENJOY! 

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