Sunday, July 7, 2013

In My Shopping Cart

I have so many random thoughts about what to purchase for the upcoming school year, my cart is overflowing at Amazon, and yet---my mind is still swarming with this week's sports schedule and activities for my three children this week. It's July, and I don't go back to school until the end of August....but my mind is already creeping back into school mode. What?! So here I am linking up with Sunday Smorgasbord! Read my random thoughts on what's in my cart and why I may or may not delete one or more of these items before I check out! 

Sunday Smorgasbord photo Slide1.jpg

There are so many things in my shopping cart for this up coming school year. I really do need to narrow it down, but I'm not sure how! Here's my wish list (so far!)!!

I'd love a set of magnetic base ten blocks, and I'm certain my first graders would love these giant ones! I've also thought about just using them in a digital manner, too. I have the graphics and we could easily use them on the interactive white board. So, I'm not sure----digital, or hands-on? The digital version is cheaper, and is still hands on because they can manipulate the graphics with the IWB pen, but I like how the giant ones are an exact model of what's in their calendar bag each of them use at our group area. Hmmmmm?! I'll keep thinking about that one...

The next item I want is the Belkin headphone splitter. I'd love this for my listening center. I currently use the listening center bags-----but the personal CD players frequently need the batteries replaced. It's expensive if I don't get enough donations. This can be hooked up to a typical radio/stereo or iPads/iPods, other devices. For under $20, this is a great buy, I'm thinking! 

I could also use some number dice and dice domes for our math stations. 
These dice domes are genius and hopefully will take out the temptation to toss the dice in the air, roll them WAY too far across the table, or tossing them to friends.  

Lastly....the final purchase I am contemplating is what to do for book boxes this year. Last year, I used white cardboard magazine holders....

 They went on a shelf like this....which I loved because I could put the students' names on the spine of the holder and they held various sized books really well. I also like the uniformed look on the shelf...but  I hate that they get ruined or that I have to re-purchase them every year. It's expensive!

The other option are these book bins....but all the books hang out and I think it'll look too messy on the shelf. However, it's a one time purchase (until they are really bad/broken)....but I think I can get more than one year out of them. 

What's on your wish list for the upcoming school year?! 


  1. korting shoppen WEBSITES ZIJN heel lucratief. Ik denk dat je ze moet probere

  2. Oh my, you shop like I do! Fun and informative -I've got some new ideas. Thank you and I'm a new follower!