Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's CrUnCh TIME!

Does anyone else feel like it's CrUnCh TIME?! I know some of you bloggers out in GA, FL, and even Texas are just about ready to start school any day now---if you haven't already! I still have until after Labor Day, but am suddenly feeling like it's crunch time!

I've spent quite a few hours in my room already....but having moved to a new building, and new grade level, I was feeling a little panicked. In order to focus on the curriculum, I really wanted to have my room in order. Because, you know....as the saying goes....

Source: someecards.com via Keri on Pinterest

I'll be sure to get some pictures up of my classroom soon! I'm not a big fan of work in progress pictures....so I will post when everything is done (or at least will look done to anyone besides me!) I think I'm really going to enjoy my new room this year....and with all the Pinteresting ideas, TpT purchases, crafts, and the like that has consumed me this summwe, it should be a fun, bright, cheerful place for me and my new first grade friends!

But, speaking of CrUnCh TIME....here's some schedule cards that I made to keep track of our daily schedule. I have to say that I am pretty good about keeping to the schedule in my lesson plans, especially if I post it for the kids to see. And while I can be flexible whenever needed, a good schedule will keep our day running smooth and with focus.

These schedule cards do not have cute little pictures on them for emergent readers....but rather I wanted the focus to be on the word, and the TIME! I notice that the Common Core doesn't hit time too much, and I don't really like when concepts are covered in a unit and then not revisited. We all know that learning needs to be circular---come back and re-visit skills and concepts often. Use it or lose it, right?!

By including working with time at Calendar/group using Every Day Counts math, and with our daily schedule cards, we will be off to a good start practicing telling time each day!

Click the picture below to grab your copy in my Teacher's Notebook Store.

I've also recently added quick daily reading practice for students!

Are you a first grade teacher that uses Harcourt Trophies?  Click HERE to see how I've aligned it!

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