Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dolch "Ball Words"

It's been days in the making (literally)....printing, laminating, cutting, and placing on rings, but I'm finally done!! I'm using the "Ball Words" from A Differentiated Kindergarten to help my students work toward mastery of all 220 words. With such a fun little program (complete with student recognition and awards), it shouldn't be a problem at all! I am certain students will take full initiative to want to practice their words and play all of the fun little games included.

I can't even begin to tell you how many games you can squeeze out of these fun little cards---and many of the other printables included but not shown here. How awesome!! 

If you get this printable, here are my recommendations: 
  1. 1. Get a ton of card stock & ink (worth the money you will spend!...better yet if your school has a color printer you can use!!)
  2. Stock up on your caffeinated beverage of choice and throw it down the hatch often!! Maybe even order a pizza & throw on some comfy clothes - you'll be there awhile.
  3. Gather several of your closest friends and relatives to help. (I got mine done with the help of some chatty work sessions with my friends and colleagues & paying a small fee to my 9 year old for each page cut out...and to my 5 year old daughter for sorting the words into piles!'s not child labor if they offer, you pay, and they love it! Right?!---OH, and not to forget my dear husband who cut the very last set that I "just couldn't muster up the energy to do!)
  4. Find a place to hang all these in your classroom - child accessible! 
  5. Have fun and keep in mind the smiles & excitement you know your students will have learning with colorful, aesthetically appealing, learning materials!! ---which is why we do what we do! 
In other words, "Have a Ball!" 

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