Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend DIY stuff...

Surely you've seen the crate seats posted all over Pinterest. 
So have I, and I finally got around to making some this past weekend!! 

These will be so great at school. Can't wait! 

AND---I found this great idea shown below on... 

Seriously, Marsha at A Differentiated Kdg. has so many great ideas and printables!! I'm sure you already follow her blog, but if you haven't....go check it out. You won't want to miss it! 

Recently, she had a post about listening center organization---and I am totally doing it! 
You can see her post HERE

She is putting her Daily 5 listening to reading materials in a tote bag....the book(s), CD players, and pencils. Each bag is numbered 1-6, and includes these cute little tags she made for the Daily 5 Listening to Reading rules and expectations....

These are the bags I found ay Walmart. They were in a 3-pack for $6.00. Score! Pretty good deal, I thought. The picture doesn't show how bright the colors are, but they really are! 

You can download and print/laminate/cut the tags.
Stick them on a binder ring (or shower curtain hooks...because really, I happened to have a spare pack at home. Why the heck not use 'em?!)

And there ya have it....everything in one spot. Now I just have to remember to get some 3M hooks to stick to my wall for the totes to hang on. 

She also posted some leveled response sheets to go with the listening station stuff. 

And DONE! Didn't know I needed these bags until I saw it on Marsha's blog....and had to have it for obvious reasons! It took no time at all to get these bags ready. That's my kind of project! 


  1. I love your crate seats! All your projects are wonderful!

  2. I really like your listening bags. I'm adding it to my to-do list!

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