Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I finally found some time to get my craft on yesterday afternoon! Nothing huge, but something that I've been wanting to get to for a very long time. Have you seen on Pinterest all the ways to display objectives? There are some mighty cute ways, I do have to say! 

The one I like the best is using photo frames---a little scrapbook paper in the frame, and using dry erase marker on the glass to write and erase objectives as needed. 

I know that not all schools require objectives to be posted (my district does not---yet!), but many schools do require it. I have been posting objectives in my classroom for 2 years, and I think that it is good teaching practice. With all the accountability these days, it keeps me focused, my lessons relevant and on track, and my students on top of what our daily/weekly objectives are (in kid terms). 

Additionally, it gives my administrators a quick glance at what concepts we are working on---and that should they walk around, they see exactly that in action. Parents, too, can see what is in store for students if they browse around my room, as well. 

In the past, I have simply used a whiteboard made out of shower board and PVC pipe from Home Depot. You know, all that makeshift jazz. It worked....but it always kind of bugged me how much of an eye sore it was. Thank goodness for Pinterest....I am really excited to hang these in my room in the fall and use them to post my objectives!!! And....it felt really good to get a little crafty---it's been too long! 

PS---thanks to the parent that gave me a $25 gift card I was able to purchase the frames, dry erase markers, and stickers with no out of pocket cost to me! YIPPEEEEE!!! I feel so great when I use my students' gift cards to purchase something new and great for our classroom! :)