Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Away From Home

YAY! I am so excited....I'm working on making my own classroom decor set this year, and here's my newest project---welcome & name banners! I think these will be a great addition to my "sweet shop" decor theme. It makes me want to get in my classroom and get things decorated---but the 70+ degree weather makes me want to sit in the sun and read a book! I LOVE summer...and I love these little projects between chapters! 

Click photo to see this banner in my TN Shop! 
Here's my welcome banner in pink and lime green 
with an orange polka dot ribbon! 

Click Photo


Here's my name banner---in a matching pattern! 

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I am excited to make use of these banners as a great big welcome to the students, parents, and staff that come in my room. As long as there is a sufficient learning/teaching in the classroom---there's nothing wrong with having things super cute and creating a personalized space that reflects your personality! After all, you are there at least 6 hours a day, and some weekend time usually--it's important to create a unique space that reflects who you are, your personality, and style! 

I love hearing when parents or administrators comment on what an inviting classroom I have created! It is one of my main priorities at the beginning of the school year...it sets the tone and atmosphere for the type of learning environment that I want my students to have. Their comments confirm that all the effort into my classroom decor has made them feel warm and welcome from the moment they arrived---exactly how I want my students to feel---then, we can start making it "our space".

A classroom is a community, a family, and home away from home---I like to make it an aesthetically appealing place for me & my students to be! Besides....I love decorating, and it's downright FUN! 

If you would like these banners---please visit my Teacher's Notebook Shop
If you have a custom order for a banner---I'd be happy to hear your requests! 

Enjoy making your classroom your happy home away from home this year!  


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