Friday, June 1, 2012

A Friday Freebie!

I'm pretty glad it's the weekend! Not that I have much planned...but that is sort of nice, too. One of my favorite themes to use when I am teaching is a beach/ocean theme. If I could have a house with ocean front property, I would be in pure heaven! It's nothing compared to my little 'ol town, which is currently soaked with cold rain and dreary days. I so needed to get my ocean stuff out and update it for a little bit of hopeful sunshine and cheer.

Lucky for YOU, I am jonesin' for summer weather pretty bad! I might even wear my sunglasses in a silent plea for the sun to show itself around here! Until I get the real deal, enjoy this fun Friday FREEBIE!

Play a little sight word SPLASH with your students....a fun little way to practice Dolch lists 1-4. You can also find Lists 5-8 & 9-11 in my Teacher's Notebook Shop!

ALSO----my new math and literacy packet, Oceans of Learning, is available, too!

TGIF, everyone!

See you back here tomorrow for Super Organzing Saturday!

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