Monday, May 14, 2012

Measure It Out!

Toward the end of the year, many students are working on units of measure. If you're not, maybe you can find somewhere in your math stations to review measuring with this cute little activity, Mouse Measuring!

I dug this out, after not using it for a year or so, and it held the interest of their eager little minds just as I remembered! Whether you are working on measuring with non-standard units of measure, or standard units, this activity is for you! You can use it either way. I love activities that grow with the children---you know you are getting great use out of it!

With this game, you will get mice labeled A-R. All you have to do is laminate the mice, cut out, & punch a hole in the black dot and attach yarn of various lengths to make a "tail". Only one tail per mouse, of course! 

If you are working with preschool students, you may only want them to measure with non-standard units of measure and opt out of the recording sheet. There were certainly a handful of my preschoolers at the end of the year who could measure and then write the numeral next to the corresponding letter mouse. (i.e.: we used unifix cubes and if the mouse A was five cubes long, they could practice writing "5" by mouse A on the recording sheet). 

If you are working with older children who are capable of measuring, and then completing the recording sheet, go for it! 

Mouse B is 6 quarters long! 
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