Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Classroom DIY

I am happy to announce that I will be one of 25 selected contributors to a new blog - Classroom DIY! I have seen so many fantastic Pinterest inspired projects, and so many wonderful ideas posted on blogs from a ton of phenomenal teachers. We are all on the DIY bandwagon, and Charity Preston of The Organized Classroom Blog is launching Classroom DIY that is going to take you by storm this summer! If you know Charity, you know that she has been named the "Fairy Blog Mother" in the blogging world. She has (and still is) helping so many bloggers get started. She's certainly a talented teacher and blogger with a lot to offer all of us!

I am so excited for all the great ideas that are coming your way in one great location! Each contributing author will have one post per month. You will see new ideas and DIY projects every day from 25 different authors/teachers! There will be fantastic tutorials for each that include step-by-step photos and/or videos. So easy----so FUN! SO INSPIRING! 

With summer right around the corner, you will want to stay current on this blog! Don't miss out! 
Please look for MY contributing articles on the 30th of each month! I can't give out too many details right now....but begin to familiarize your self with the Classroom DIY blog and be ready on May 1st!!!

Classroom DIY

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