Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Put Me In Coach - I'm Ready to Play!

As I was looking through my Easter totes in the basement, taking inventory of what's in stock for the big arrival of the E.B (that's Easter Bunny), I couldn't help but browse through my old Kindergarten totes as well. Even though I currently don't teach Kindergarten, there's always some items that I can tweak to fit the levels of my Pre-K friends....it's just a matter of taking the time to do so.

Here's an old game that I used to have available during Literacy Stations in my K class. It includes Dolch word lists 1-3. I've tweaked it to include the alphabet and numbers so that PreK kids can use it as well.

You will need these great little sports Easter eggs. HURRY---go grab some before the stores are out! The great thing about these eggs are that you can use them at any time of year. They don't seem a bit "Easterish" and your sports enthusiasts will love them! 

You will also need a basket of some kind. These sport themed Easter baskets do the trick, too! 

Inside each egg, hide a little letter of the alphabet, number, or Dolch word. Students can record their findings on the Score! sheet. Some PreK kids may be ready to write their findings, others may just want to say the letter or number. Older students, or those that are ready, can definitely find it, read it, and write it! 

It's soccer season - and baseball season is right around the corner! Gear up!

Get your FREE game HERE!

Get lists 4-11 HERE!

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