Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peep, Peep, Peep!

I am gearing up for my upcoming science project - in which I fully immerse my students in a cross-curricular study of all things chicks! Yes, chicks!! For the past three years, my associate teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing mother hen by caring for sweet young chicks! Ok, honestly...I don't like to touch the critters---they kinda creep me out. But I LOVE the growth/development study, and the peeping from inside the egg, and the excitement that bustles about the ENTIRE school on hatching day!

It's a good thing you can't hear my squeal through the computer when my associate teacher/friend put one on my desk! Ewwww! And yes, we do let the kids hold them and watch them walk around....but I'm the photographer---ONLY! :)

We begin with fertilized eggs---typically gathered by other local teachers/farmers (the beauty of living in a rural farming area in a midwestern State!), an incubator, and 32 VERY excited young scientists! Put that all together in my classroom - and we have a perfect science experiment with so many activities to boot!

Each day we observe any changes in the eggs inside and out. I LOVE the model eggs that show detailed illustrations of what's happening on the inside.

We chart their progress on a photographic timeline (so it can be read and deciphered by our little ones), and much, much more! 

But before I go on forever about this project (my all time favorite of the entire year!!), I'll toss a math FREEBIE at you! It's spring time, and whether you hatch chicks or not---these little cuties can't be passed up! 

(Click the photo)

If you grab this game, I just ask that you leave me a comment. 
I love your feedback and reviews!

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