Monday, April 9, 2012

Do the Dragonfly Drop!

I honestly can't make my brain think or do one. more. thing. tonight! I certainly, can't bring myself to write anything substantial---lots to say, but little motivation. The first day back from spring break is exhausting---plus I had a grade level meeting after school from 4-5pm, then grocery shopping with all 3 of my little loves, then home to make dinner, snuggle, read books and tuck in the little loves of my life!! The husband is out of town, so I am single mom-ing it until he returns. 'Nuff said!  I know you understand exactly how I feel! 

Regardless, I managed to get one game out out of my tired brain tonight and out there on my TN shop for you to to pick up! And now, G'night! :) 

Looking for fun springtime fact family games? Here's a new one! 

Click HERE to grab it! 


  1. I am a Michigan girl myself and was told about your blog through Make, Take & Teach. I used an idea of yours on my blog today for Tippy Tuesday! Be sure to check it out! I am a new follower too!


  2. Thank you! I am flattered!! I joined your blog as well! Isn't Julie at Make Take Teach just awesome?!